chelsea cleveland (they/them),

Administrative Coordinator

chelsea cleveland is the Administrative Coordinator at Vision Change Win, where they help the organization with administrative and programmatic duties.

chelsea is an imaginator with more than 12 years of experience in organizing and facilitation. They have created many spaces that promote deeper connections among people and use their skills to bring warmth and humanity to administrative work.

They co-founded Hearing Youth Voices in New London, Connecticut, and are a former Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute facilitator. They graduated from BOLD Directors and Leads in 2015, previously served as a BOLD Board member, and are a dreamer and co-creator of a tarot deck inspired by Octavia E. Butler.

headshot of chelsea. Image is of a light-skinned Black person with brown eyes. They are wearing gold fringe earrings. Their hair is brown with tight curls, pulled back with a black and white headband. They are wearing a black shirt with thin white horizontal parallel stripes.