Lizzie's headshot is a light-skinned woman with dark brown hair with flecks of gray. Hair is in a braid hanging over her shoulder. She has brown eyes and is smiling. She is wearing a white shirt with embroidered red roses.

Lizzie Martinez (she/her),

Deputy Director

Lizzie Martinez joined the Vision Change Win team in early 2022 as the Deputy Director. She is responsible for leading on client relationships, staff and team culture, as well as overseeing finance and operations.

She spent the first decade of her career as a fundraiser for growing social justice nonprofits, including Latino Network and Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. She previously served on the boards of Seeding Justice and the Library Advisory Board. She is the founder of the Oregon BIPOC Fundraisers Affinity Group. Lizzie is a long-time instructor for the People’s Nonprofit Accelerator Nonprofit Certificate program, teaching classes on racial equity in fundraising. 

In her spare time, she enjoys building the “world’s greatest forts” with her nieces, eating tacos, and traveling to new places.