Bran at march

Helping organizations deepen their knowledge, define and better align with their values, and conduct long term planning

  • Creating and revising mission, vision, and values statements
  • Increasing alignment between programs, policies and organizational mission statements
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing expertise, protocols, and programs around violence, working with LGBTQ communities, working with Trans communities, youth, working with communities of color, working with low-­income communities, and workshops on intersectional practices
  • Transformative Justice and Restorative Justice program development
  • Developing anti‐violence programs including: domestic/intimate partner violence, police violence, sexual violence, and bias violence programs and trainings
  • Rapid response protocols
  • Building community safety programs
  • Using artistic and creative tools to develop long-term vision and deepen analysis


Bran Fenner

Supporting organizations through change, crisis, and realignment

  • Conducting organizational assessments
  • Organizational development and non-profit management structures and practices
  • Guidance on supervising and developing staff leadership
  • Leadership development for volunteers, members, and boards
  • Developing anti-­oppression, equity, and inclusion practices
  • Creating impactful collaborations between direct service, community organizing, arts, and public policy organizations
  • Developing creative and interactive leadership development programs
  • Using art and culture to deepen the impact of organizational programs and campaigns
  • Conflict resolution, mediation, and organizational crisis management
  • Decreasing staff burnout and building sustainable organizational practices



Developing effective organizing and advocacy strategies

  • Developing and evaluating organizing and advocacy campaigns
  • Developing research projects for effective advocacy and organizing
  • Technical assistance on community organizing and public policy strategies
  • Building successful coalitions and movement building alliances
  • Developing organizing and advocacy strategies for marginalized communities
  • Base building best practices and systems
  • Developing measurable campaigns
  • Organizing and advocacy with trauma survivors
  • Developing impactful leadership development programs
  • Media spokesperson trainings
  • Media strategies for directly affected communities
  • Organizing events and actions