Kyle, a Black masculine presenting person with an afro hairstyle and close-cropped facial hair, stands in front of a stucco-textured wall in a simple gray shirt

Kyle Neil, Rapid Response Coordinator

Kyle Neil is the Rapid Response Coordinator at Vision Change Win Consulting where they oversee the rapid response support system, crisis intervention and offer trainings to movement organizations.

Kyle is an organizer and prison abolitionist and has been involved in LGBTQ+, anti-violence, and prison abolitionist movements for seven years. Prior to this role, Kyle was involved with Community United Against Violence (CUAV) organizing queer and trans survivors of violence to challenge jailing and immigration systems within San Francisco. They also spent four years working and volunteering with Transgender, Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) supporting currently and formerly incarcerated TGI people and moving resources to trans based organizations. Kyle currently organizes with the No New SF Jail coalition which successfully closed down County Jail 4 (850 Bryant) in 2020. Kyle is also a water baby and spends as much time as possible surfing, swimming, and at the beach.